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LithoPore® Station

Technical Data

LithoPore® Station is a 1000 litres foamed concrete mixer equipped with a screwing pump and the innovative low pressure and energy saving foaming system (only 1.85 kW), all-in-one. The machinery has been designed taking into account the construction site requirements, with particular attention to small dimensions, simple use, easy cleaning and maintenance. The LithoPore® Station enables the user to produce high quality foamed concrete in different densities.

World Wide Unique foaming system

The foaming system includes two different pumps. One pump for the water and one proportional pump for the foaming agent at which the dilution ratio can be automatically adjusted. Therefore no pre-dilution of water and foaming agent is necessary. The whole system is running at very low pressure (100-200 mbar) and is forming up a very strong foam bubble membrane. This system is especially developed by Luca Industries International for the world wide unique advanced foaming agent brand LithoFoam®.

Electronic Scales System

Four weighing cells are permanently controlling the raw materials that are dosed into the mixer and showing the total value at a display. This enables the user to work very precisely and to manufacturer high quality foamed concrete.

No premixing of foaming agent and water necessary because it is automatically done by the foamed concrete machine.

Fields of Application Mobil use
Construction site
Foam concrete plant

Technical Data Volume usable: 1000 l
Dimensions: 1720 x 1300 + 220 x 1560 (height) mm
Weight: 815 kg
Foamed Concrete Capacity: 6-8 
/h (depending on the dosage process)
Transport distance: horizontal 50 m, vertical 20 m
Power: 16 kW, 400 V
(adaptation for the US standard optional)

Foam System
Foam Output: 400-600 l/min adjustable
Foam Density: 80 -100 g/l adjustable
Consumption LithoFoam: 0.8-2.4 l/m³ foam
Effectiveness (one liter LithoFoam produces...): 400-800 liters foam adjustable
Additional components needed None (ready to use)
Additional Components Supplied 30 m gum hose (Ø 60 mm) with connections
Water container 1000 l
Remote control

LithoPore Applications

LithoPore Applications

LithoPore Academy

LithoPore Academy

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