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LithoPore 75–150

The LithoPore® technology by Luca Industries International allows the production of a very stable foamed concrete and foamed cement of any density (especially 75-1600 kg/m3). In the area of very low densities (LithoPore® 75-150) insulation values can be achieved that are comparable to those of expensive expanded plastics (polystyrene, polyurethane). As the respective aereted materials are solely made out of inorganic materials (cement and aggregates), they are non-flammable and environmentally safe (no emissions)

Technical properties

Application of LithoPore® 75-150:

Masa-LithoPore® Technology

Manufacturing of prefabricated insulating boards

Luca Industries International has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Masa Group - one of the leading mechanical engineering companies in the field of aereted concrete.

The cooperation parties offer a turnkey production system for insulation boards under the brand name Masa-LithoPore® Technology.

Contrary to conventionally autoclaved aerated concrete, Masa-LithoPore® Technology uses an athermal, and therefore an environmentally friendly, CO2 - reducing curing process.

This allows for the substitution of environmentally questionable polystyrene plates.


LithoPore® 75-150 is fully recyclable and does not lead to future disposal problems as does the use of polystyrene plates.
Production takes place without any additional curing energy and can be classified as carbon dioxide neutral
Fire protection class A1 (polystyrene: B1)

Filling of hollow bricks

For the filling of hollow bricks (burnt clay brick, concrete hollow block or others) expensive perlite, polystyrene or mineral / glass wool fillings can be replaced.

Burnt Clay Brick

Lightweight Concrete Block


LithoPore® 75-150 can be made ​​dust-free and built into the hollow brick
Fire protection class A1 (Polystyrene: B1)
Significant improvement of the U-value compared to unfilled hollow bricks

LithoPore Applications

LithoPore Applications

LithoPore Academy

LithoPore Academy

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