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LithoPore 600–1600

With the LithoPore® technology it is possible to produce standardized lightweight concrete, such as an LC 25/28 or LC 40/44. Because of its additives, the material stays pumpable at any time. It is also easy to process. Compared to conventional foamed concrete, the advantages of the LithoPore® technology are mainly a higher compressive strength at the same density and the stability of the material. This is especially true for the filling of high altitude (up to 3 meters) in a concreting.

Technical properties


Application of LithoPore® 600-1600:

Pre Cast Elements

The foam concrete is cast directly into element molds or casings made of metal. After the foamed concrete has set, the casing is removed and the light weight concrete element is allowed to harden. This method is used for:

• Wall panels
• Ceiling panels

The very good insulation properties of foam concrete with low gross densities (high amount of air in the product) are highly appreciated in the construction of buildings. The low weight of these elements is especially useful for roofs and ceilings.

For walls and facades, foam concrete stones of different sizes are the most common application. They are as easy to handle and to work with as the well-known Ytong stones.

LithoPore® pre cast wall panels manufactured with LithoFoam® foaming agent
by Luca Industries International.

Cast in Situ
Substructure of streets

In road construction, foam concrete can be used as subgrade instead of or in addition to the common stone subgrade. This is particularly useful when soft undergrounds are present.

Holes and hollow spaces

Due to good flowing properties and low shear forces, foam concrete is very popular for filling and stabilizing tubes, shafts, tanks, wells, mines or any other hollow spaces with this low cost filling material. E.g. this procedure is used for mine filling

Wall filling, Monolithic walls

Foamed concrete is also used as a filling material for walls of houses and industrial facilities. Through the implementation of this method many housing projects in developing countries can be successfully completed at low cost and in record time. In such instances, the time factor is very important. With a foamed concrete machine by Luca Industries International several houses per day can easily be manufactured. After the wall molds are positioned the foamed concrete can be cast into them. The final step is the removal of the molds.

LithoPore Applications

LithoPore Applications

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LithoPore Academy

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