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LithoPore 400–600

The LithoPore® technology by Luca Industries International allows the production of very stable foam concrete and foam cements of any density (especially 75-1600 kg/m3).

The LithoPore® technology can achieve comparable strength to that of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), without the use of energy.
The LithoPore® 400-600 product is much more environmentally friendly to produce due to air hardening and the particular composition of LithoPore® 400-600
Technical properties

Application of LithoPore® 400-600:

Block Production 

Block production is a  common construction method in the field of foamed concrete. In one variation, the foamed concrete can be cast directly into cassette moulds with the final block dimensions; in another variation, big blocks are manufactured and after the demoulding they can be sawed into the final block dimensions. The last procedure exemplifies Luca Industries International´s LithoPore® Block Concept.

Cast in Situ

Foamed concrete is very useful as an additional layer in floors. Not only does it even out the floor level, it also considerably reduces subsonic noise. 

LithoPore® floor manufactured with LithoFoam® foaming agent
by Luca Industries International

Especially in Middle east, South-east Asia, Africa & South American countries, foamed concrete is used for flat roofs, mainly for insulation purposes.

LithoPore® roof for insulation purpose manufactured with LithoFoam® foaming agent by Luca Industries International

LithoPore Applications

LithoPore Applications

LithoPore Academy

LithoPore Academy

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